Magazine Monday Returns!

My dad gets to go to Japan quite often on business and, after I overcome my jealous rage, I like to ask him to bring me back things. While I’m not going to push my luck and give him an extensive Hakuhodo order, I did ask him to get me a magazine on his recent trip. He got me two because he’s amazing: Maquia and Biteki. I haven’t got around to reading the articles because I’ve been mega busy, so I thought I’d just share some of the pictures today. (Click for bigger versions)

Let’s start with one of my favourites! I’m pretty sure I love this one mostly because of the hair, I wish I could pull it off but when I try a ‘messy updo’ or whatever it’s called I just end up looking like a vagrant.

4 001

This next one is one of the few photos that featured a darker lipstick; it seems like summer is home to pale, barely there lips and the more striking lip colours are saved for winter and autumn. I love how minimal the rest of the face is, it seems that executing a red lip without doing a full face is becoming more popular. And that makes me happy. Because I’m lazy.

1 001

When I first saw this one I was pretty surprised: the defined dark under-eye liner seems to be pretty rare in my experience of Japanese magazines. On second look, I saw the writing underneath describing this as a look typical of foreign celebrities, which kind of explains it. I must say it’s not a look I love – mostly because it doesn’t suit me and I’m biased like that – but I thought it was an interesting addition to the magazine.

2 001

The rest are from an interesting section about ‘lineless make-up’: point make-up that seamlessly blends into the rest of your face. It doesn’t sound that special – I mean, I’m pretty sure most people try to blend – but I think to really get it perfect (especially without using cream products) it requires quite a bit of skill.

Eyes: Use opposing colours to draw attention to eyes when not wearing eyeliner:

5 001

Eyeliner: Use eyeshadow to smudge out a fine line of eyeliner:


Cheeks: Blend a whole lot. Put foundation on top if you have to.


Lips: Use your finger to apply, blending from the centre out, then put some highlighting powder just above your cupid’s bow. (Also have an awesome Michelle-Pfeiffer-as-Selina-Kyle-pre-catwoman-hairstyle. This is very important.)


Right and that’s my intro back into blogging! How have you all been? What make-up are you excited about? Which blog posts have you read/written recently that I should read? I’ve been so busy that I’m completely out of the loop, catch me up on anything you find exciting right now (this includes you, lurking person).

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I find most bits kind of boring because – shock horror – I’ve never been that sporty, but I’ve been obsessed with the diving and gymnastics, those sports are so much fun to watch. Also I think that the cauldron is insanely cool.

Magazine definitely-not Monday! In which we look at polls…

Classic Make-up

I do love a red lip…

Best of Cheek, Base, BB Cream

The best Blush, Base and BB cream. I’m so impressed that Visee (definitely a puchipura brand) is number 4 of the top BB creams! Even L’oreal (a little bit more expensive) made number 3.

PollsThe bits I like most about these pages are the polls to the left. I love reading and watching how other people do their make-up. Does this make me seem like a creeper? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely.

The top ‘Cheek’ poll says:

Q.1 “In one make-up application, how many colours do you use?”

And then the numbers underneath are obviously the numbers of colours. The bottom being “I don’t use [any]”.

Q.2 “What colour is your standard blush?”

Pink 46%, Orange 16.4%, Coral Pink 15.9%, Rose 8.5%, Beige-brown 6.2%, Other 7.0%

Now for the ‘Base’ (primer) poll.

Q.1 “Do you wear Base everyday?”

Q.2 “Are your Base and Foundation the same brand?”

Then the BB cream poll

BB Creams

Q.1 “How often do you use BB cream?”

Every day 20.1%, Just on days off 8.5%, Only when I don’t have time 20.7%, Other 6%, I don’t use BB cream 44.7%

Q.2 “How do you use BB cream?”

With face powder on top 52.5%, With foundation on top 22.0%, On its own [I think] 13.6%, Other 11.9%.

I find it interesting that 22% of BB users put foundation over it, since BB cream’s marketing is usually aimed at the ‘all-in-one’ aspect.

Magazine not-so Monday!

As a treat to myself (I’m that cool), I bought the January issue of Voce – a Japanese beauty magazine. The January issue features the ‘Best of 2011’, so while pretty make-up looks were quite scarce, there was a lot of juicy information.

Click for big versions

Drugstore Skincare ranking

So this the best of ‘プチプラ’ or puchipura.

puchi means ‘petit’ and pura is ‘price’ so basically this is the best of ‘cheap’ skincare (‘cheap’ used quite loosely here, as a lot of it is still kind of expensive to me).

The important parts of this page have useful English headers, and the products’ have English on their packaging as well. If you don’t know what something is, ask me in the comments.

Best DS Make-up

Here’s the best puchipura make up, which personally I find more exciting than skincare.

Most of these also have their names in English, but:

Other pages

I am British and I will be wearing this from now on, I love it

I think the make-up here is super cute, I like the focus on the the lower lash line.

The one accessory I need to complete my coolness

They heat up and massage your feet!

I’ll try to do the non-puchipura ranking pages next week!

Magazine Monday

Today I perused through Voce. This issue (the January issue) is packed with ‘Best of 2010’ articles. I have yet to translate them all (and it will be quite a feat) so I will post them in a few weeks probably. For now I’ve taken some other parts of the magazine.

As always, click for the huge sizes.


These are the top 5 cheek and eye products under 2100 yen.

Top 5 Cheek products:

  1. Canmake Cheek Gradation in Shade 5
  2. Bourjois blush in shade 32.
  3. Majolica Majorca Cheek Customise in PK333
  4. Integrate Forming Cheeks in PK210
  5. Maybelline Pure Minerals Cheek in 01

Top 5 Eyeshadows:

  1. Kate Brown Collection in BR-4 (this kit has 2 eyebrow shades and 3 eyeshadow colours)
  2. Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in PK309
  3. Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes in BR792
  4. Kose Vise Brilliance Forming Eyes in A-1.
  5. Maybelline Hyper Diamond Shadow in BR-1.

Spring Lip

Spring releases are already being published! This makes me sad because now I know I’m going to get really excited about Spring and miss the whole fun of winter because I am a crazy consumer. Anyway how lovely does the Paul and Joe lipstick look? I am such a sucker for packaging. Number 6 seems to be a little palette of all the Majolica Majorca Blush shades which would make a nice gift or a good starter pack for someone who wants to give Japanese cosmetics a try. The Givenchy Blush Gelee is a new release for spring 2011. It is a gel blush in a tube and it looks very intriguing!

And now for some make-up looks!

Look 1


Look 2

Look 3

This is Risa Hirako, she is a Japanese talento, model, and singer. Also she is 39. Wow.


Here is Matsujun looking dapper and not at all like a bit of an idiot. Secretly I am jealous of his hat. Arashi are everywhere in Japan, I swear they sponsor just about every product sold here, including water. Tomorrow I am going to Arashiyama which I can only assume is their natural habitat; I expect to see them roaming around the hills like big foot.

Magazine Monday! Christmas Coffret Edition

I bought Biteki yesterday and it has so many make-up related features that Magazine Monday could live from it for the rest of the year. This issue has a huge focus on the Christmas sets released by Japanese and international brands. Many of them look achingly amazing so read on at your own risk…

Click on the pictures for massive versions


The coffret I’m most interested in on this page is the Helena Rubinstein Fatal Make-up Kit on the top right of the picture. The palette doesn’t just look great on the outside, the eyeshadow shades inside really appeal to me (greys again!). I will definitely have to check this out when I next go to the department store.

Underneath it is the NARS Bento Box set. It looks really well put together but in my opinion it is so overpriced (even looking at its price in the US). I’ve seen something similar in a lot of traditional Japanese shops for 1000 yen and while the NARS quality is probably better, I don’t think the price is justified.


I like the look of the Kesalan Patharan Kit on the bottom right. It has a double-ended liner, cream blush, brush, and a pressed powder (with some kind of blush in the middle?).


MAC Tartan tale makes an appearance here but I’m too preoccupied with the Elegance Treasures on the left hand side. They are (super expensive) lip products and they are so pretty! For more pics, here’s the website.

Continuing the coffret theme, next we have the ‘Our no.1 coffret’ section, where readers get to see the products in action. Each of the no.1 products is used to create one of the looks on the page. The smaller boxes show the second favourite product and what it can do.

From right to left:

For event make-up:

  • The Paul & Joe Coffret, followed by the Mary Quant Mini Charm Coffret (at the bottom of the page)

For an office look:

  • Lunasol Sheer Beige Coffret followed by the Max Factor Coffret (at the bottom)

For gorgeous lip make-up:

  • MAC Tartan Tale Lip Coffret, followed by the NARS 5 Colour Gloss Coffret (on the right-hand side of the left page)

From right to left:

I’m not quite sure what this one means, I think to show ambition in front of superiors?

  • Dior Minaudiere, followed by the Cosme Decorte Feminine Rose Coffret.

Powerful eyes:

  • Helena Rubinstein Coffret, followed by the Lancome Coffret


From right to left:

For make-up for soft and bright skin:

  • Kesala Patharan Cream Cheek Coffret, followed by the Suqqu Foundation and Skin Care Coffret.

Dammit not sure what this one means! I think something about being profound?

  • RMK Palette, followed by the Estee Lauder Coffret

For practical use(?):

  • Chanel Brush Coffret, followed by Laura Mercier Brush Coffret.

Sorry for my failing Japanese skills! Just look at the pictures ok?

And I leave you with this.


You may think I’m obsessed with this whole placenta thing. I’m not, I just found this advert very…obscure.