Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick #17 Ichijiku

Suqqu is a high-end Japanese department store brand. Suqqu has counters nationwide, and in Thailand and the UK. Suqqu products are actually cheaper in the UK than they are in Japan. These lipsticks retail for £27 and can be bought internationally from DollyLeo.

For a review of the Creamy Glow formula itself, I want to direct you to two reviews: Jess’ (Ohh…Pretty!) and Kate’s (Drivel about Frivol). They sum up the lipsticks perfectly, and I’d just end up repeating them if I wrote a full review.

Now for my personal impressions…

Things I like

  • Pigment: I have never known a lipstick to be Suqqu Creamy Glowso pigmented, the swatch below is just one, soft swipe from the bullet – it is insane.
  • Lasting Power: You guys know how I like my lip stains, and the lasting power of the Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick rivals that of a stain. As you’ll see, this colour is pretty full on, but often I’ll just dab it on my lips to give them some colour that lasts all day.
  • Formula: It’s just so…smooth! I love it, it glides onto lips and although it’s very opaque it’s still forgiving.

Things I don’t like so much

  • If you want the full colour of Ichijiku (ie. you’re not just dabbing it on as a stain), you have to use a lip brush. This isn’t a big deal for most people, in fact I think it’s more of a personal issue: first: my precision is terrible, so so terrible – I CANNOT COLOUR WITHIN THE LINES! Second: my lips are so unpigmented that I can’t actually tell where my lip line ends and skin begins. Seriously.

The shade

Ichijiku – 無花果 – FigSuqqu Ichijiku 17

Ichijiku is a warm, brick red.

Here it is applied for full effect with a lip brush.

Suqqu Ichijiku Full

My lips tend to pull things blue, so when I usually apply Ichijiku it’s more of a true red. Here I’ve tried to apply more so it’s truer to its bullet colour.

Here it is applied as a stain (I dab the bullet once in the centre of my lips, then pat it out with my finger.)

Suqqu Ichijiku Sheer

As you can see, not much brick-tone here because I’ve sheered it out so much.


Swatches Suqqu

L-R: Sheered out Suqqu Ichijiku (achieved by swiping the remainders from the lip-brush), one swipe (!) of Suqqu Ichijiku, MAC Viva Glam I

CSI Glossed in Translation

L-R: Suqqu Ichijiku, MAC Viva Glam I

Things to note:

  • Can you see opaque just one swipe of Suqqu Ichijiku is?!
  • By chance, I found out that Ichijiku is very similar to MAC Viva Glam I (in terms of  colour, in terms of formula they are night and day – the MAC is like a crayon in comparison!). Ichijiku is a tad warmer, and also, somehow, more vibrant? It seems redder than the MAC VG.

For swatches of all the Creamy Glow Lipsticks, check out Cinnamongal’s post.

The Bottom Line

The Suqqu Creamy Glow formula is amazing; I have yet to read a bad review about it, and the consensus of most reviews is that it is the best lipstick formula ever. As for the shade, Ichijiku is lovely; I wear it a lot because it’s so versatile: a light stain one morning, a more definite the red the next, and full-on glamour the next. Yes, MAC Viva Glam I is very similar, but the formulas are so so different that it could never be considered a dupe…ever. However, if you are ordering online it might be helpful to take a look at the MAC as a colour guide…

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5 Products I Love

Mandom Barrier Repair Masks

These were indispensable when I was in Japan; other sheet masks were nice but their effects were very short-lived. These ones really inject a load of hydration into skin, making them great for instant (and lasting) relief from dehydrated, tired or aggravated skin.

The Barrier Repair range makes amazing products in general, I have been nothing but impressed.

Juju Aquamoist Cleansing Milk

This is my favourite make-up removing cleanser

  • Can be used on the whole face including eyes
  • Removes make-up thoroughly (including heavy eye make-up if you focus on that area, but often I use the Micellar on a cotton pad to save time)
  • Doesn’t leave skin tight after washing
  • Doesn’t leave any residue on skin

La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution

Gets rid of everything on your face, I use it to get all my make-up off before cleansing, or I just use it on its own when I’m feeling lazy.

My friend borrowed some of this once – after using two face wipes already to remove her make-up – and after wiping, the cotton pad came back loaded with make-up; this cleanser is really effective at getting every last scrap of make-up off your face.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder

This is the best setting powder I’ve tried. It mattifies the shine from my sunscreen without highlighting little flaws like hair, tiny lines, or flaky patches. Leaves skin looking like skin.

The price is pretty incredible as well.

Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in M white

I use this as a base to stop any discolouration on my eyelid from showing through, thus enhancing any eyeshadow I use on top. Now and then I use it on its own as a natural highlight (I am pretty pale after all). It doesn’t crease and it gives even coverage, unlike other cream shadows I’ve tried.


Beauté Liqui-gel Stain in Fever

Another one of my favourite things!

P1000826Few brands have succeeded in creating products that work well on both cheeks and lips. Many have tried; but most of them fail. If it works on lips it’s too short-lived/greasy on cheeks, and if it works on cheeks then it’s drying and unflattering on lips.

Not so with the Beauté Liqui-gel stain.

I used this only as a lip stain in the first 2 months of owning this, and then one day tried it on my cheeks. To this day I cannot decide where it works best: it’s amazing in both roles.

On Cheeks

  • My longest-lasting blush to date – When Beauté calls something a ‘stain’ they really mean it. The colour lasts forever, it’s astounding. I’m sure you’re all pretty tired of my stories of Kyoto summer but you might remember that it was er…somewhat warm and humid. The stain was unfazed by this and lasted all day up until face-wash time.
  • It’s versatile – English Rose flush to Brothel Madam, the stain can be intensified and sheered out depending on your mood (and haven’t we all had a Brothel Madam mood…?). BUT, a word of advice for first-time users: use a tiny amount and then build up, once the stain is on…it’s on.

On Lips

  • Non-drying – Now I don’t really have issues with dry lips – unlike the rest of my skin, my lips are pretty normal. However I do know a few ladies with major dryness issues, andP1000828 they’ve agreed that the Beauté Liqui-gel stain doesn’t dry their lips out like most other stains.
  • Long-lasting and Versatile – see above
  • Doesn’t transfer – perhaps this comes under ‘long-lasting’, but one of the reasons I love this stain is because it’s so easy. It leaves pigment on your lips but it not on glasses, people, or teeth. I adore lipsticks, but sometimes using a product that doesn’t require re-application or touch-ups is a blessing.

What Would I Change?


I’m not a huge fan of the applicator. I prefer the packaging of the Hourglass Lip Stains (see right) because they’re more convenient to use.

The product smells like roses (I think), and I’d prefer it not to smell of anything. It’s not a horrible smell, nor is it artificial, and it does go away very quickly after application. However, if I had my way it would be scent-free.


Sheered out on the left, concentrated on the right. Karla has swatches of each shade here.P1000865

Very sheer on cheeks (I’ll try to take a better blush photo in the soon!), and sheer to moderate on the lips.

Beaute Liqui-Gel

The Bottom Line:

Standing head and shoulders above its multi-use counterparts, the Beauté Liqui-gel Stain is the best lip tint I’ve tried as well as one of my favourite blushes.

I would repurchase it over and over (and as you can tell from my photos, I’ll need a new one soon!).

Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick Foundation

You may remember my foundation showdown, where I pitted Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick vs. Shu Uemura’s Nobara Cream Cover Stick. Nobara came out on top, but there wasn’t much between them. P1000847

Or so I thought.

I’ve now had a year or so to test them out, and I now know for certain that I made the right choice. Nobara is the king of all foundations ever.



  • It’s versatile: you want sheer coverage? Spread a small amount all over your face with fingers or a wet sponge. Medium? Draw a couple of stripes on your face and blend out with a beauty blender or fingers. Full? Draw a lot of stripes on your face and blend it out with a stippling brush. “Sure”, you say, “you could do that with any foundation”, and it’s true, but not many foundations look that good at every level of coverage. A sheer foundation can be built up, but can cake or, even worse, settle into lines that you never knew you had. A full coverage foundation can be sheered out but can make the skin look dull. I’ve used Nobara for daily sheer coverage, date night medium, and wedding full, and it’s looked amazing in each incarnation.


  • It doesn’t transfer


  • It withstands heat and humidity: when Kyoto summer (think hot and very humid) came around I spent two weeks or so trying out my various foundations to see which would work for summer time. Nobara came out top. It lasted much better than my other foundations (but it still looked a little worse for wear at the end of a long day) and it didn’t pool into pores or sharp contours of my face (around the nose etc.) either. The latter was my chief issue, sweat and oil would basically force my foundation to migrate and pile up in 3 or 4 areas of my face.


  • It has a natural finish: even at full coverage Nobara still has a satin, glowy finish that stops it from looking too mask-like. It doesn’t feel exactly like skin, even at its sheerest, but it’s a far cry from foundations that feel ‘wet’ – like they never set, or those that feel powdery or rubbery.



the bottom line

The Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover stick is the foundation of foundations, I can’t think of anyone to whom I wouldn’t recommend it.


Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadow 06 Ginbudou


gin – 銀 – silver

budou –  葡萄 – grape

2 Reasons why this is one of my favourite palettes ever

I can use all the colours

Suqqu have really excelled in making a palette that is perfect on its own, and in its entirety. There are no colours that I don’t use. I believe the white’s intended use is as a base for the other eyeshadow to layer over, but I tend to use it as a highlight, because on me that doesn’t look too weird. The gold isn’t really shown off to its full potential in the swatches; it works well on its own under the eye or in the inner corner but usually I find myself using it dabbed over the purple in the centre of the lid to give it a lovely rich golden sheen. The silver and purple are great as washes of colour and the purple works beautifully as an accent colour, either to line the eye or darken the outer corner and crease.

Quad view

The eyeshadows are good quality

…dare I say the best quality? All the eyeshadow finishes are easy to blend (but not weak and wishy washy) and have lovely silky textures. The metallic finish eyeshadows are very complex, there’s a lot of depth to the colours; and like all good metallics, their shimmer particles are tiny – no chunky glitter here. But there are a lot of good metallics, and Shu Uemura MEs feel a little more buttery.

Close up

I find it very difficult, however, to find good matte eyeshadows. Suqqu eyeshadows are really some of the best mattes I’ve tried. They last long, blend well and you can layer them over and over to get a deeper shade without having to deal with powdery messy fallout.


Natural light

Natural light



the bottom line

Suqqu palettes in general are divine, and this particular combination of colours works perfectly – there are no weak, neglected shades.

**Apologies for the messiness of my palette, this palette has travelled with me a lot so it has been a little battered. I tried to clean it up but I didn’t want to mess up the actual eyeshadows, so I gave up.