Magazine Monday!

Geez I am a sucker for alliteration. Still writing the mammoth post (I want to get all my facts straight), so I thought it was time to introduce Magazine Monday. ‘What’s that?’ you ask? Um…it’s a blog post (on Monday) where I post some magazine extracts…duh.

I’ve been meaning to start this post series for a while because I loved looking at magazine scans when I was in England, and now that I have access to all these huge tomes (seriously, they’re massive) I thought I’d share them with you. Also there are a bunch of reviews in some of the magazines, and that’s always nice as there are only so many things my budget (and room capacity) will allow me to review myself.

So these are taken from ‘Up’ magazine – I like this magazine the most so far, it has much more on beauty products than the other magazines I’ve read. The others are more fashion-focused, and while that’s interesting, I cannot fit into any Japanese clothes (except lovely uniqlo) so it doesn’t really appeal to me.

So this feature was on high and low-end products that people swear by. If you click for the big version, you’ll see stars with ‘high’ and ‘low’ in them next to certain products.

This one appears quite a lot: It’s Ettusais lip essence and supposedly one tube is sold every 30 seconds. Popular stuff. In the magazine the ladies say it is hydrating but gentle and a life-saver for dry lips. One woman says it has a slight pinky sheen to it and it makes her lips glossy as well as hydrating. Another says it acts as a good base for other lip products.

If you’re interested Bobodave is selling this but at the moment I can’t get on to the website for some reason…

This section has little mini reviews of interesting new ‘trend’ products, in this case it’s a tool which is designed for the clogged pores around the nostrils and sides of the nose. The ‘Tsururi’ brush (left) is used with your face wash. You put some on the brush end and lather it up. Then you put the brush on the problem areas on your nose and move it around in a buffing motion. I guess it’s basically a mini, manual clarisonic?

There is a review with a smiley lady who says that the Tsururi brush feels nice and soft on the skin and it is very gentle.

The other tool looks like a pointy pair of tweezers (to extract I guess?) but I’m having trouble finding the manufacturer… When I do I’ll update.

The lady here says that she was sceptical but it works well. The narrow ends mean that it’s easy to get a hold on clogs (…ew) so it’s very easy to use.

So here’s another trend. Beauty drinks. I only posted this because I am fascinated with the idea that people drink placenta on a daily basis. Perhaps I’ll adjust?