November Round-up

Can you tell I’m a fan of these round-up posts? I am. So while this one may be a little late, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an entire ‘blog so far’ round-up could I?


First off, my favourite posts so far. It may seem a little egotistical to extol the virtues of your own posts but there are some of which I have been a little proud. Then again, each post I’ve written so far gives me a little twinge of embarrassment now and then when I read over it but I think that’s normal. Like when you read your old diary or watch Sweet Valley High. (Incidentally it seems all the episodes are on youtube and I am definitely NOT spending copious amounts of time watching them…).

What to do when Mascara Smudges on you ALL THE DAMN TIME

this tastefully titled post has been consistently among my most-read posts, and every day I get hits from searches to do with mascara smudging. I like this post a lot because geez it was such a pain to deal with the whole smudging thing and took me months to find a solution. So saving someone else that trouble makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Feature: Sunscreen

I feel I have to include this one because it was such a beast to write and hopefully I succeeded in making the whole sunscreen shebang vaguely accessible.

Magazine Monday!

My first Magazine Monday post! I like this one because of the placenta part. Strange sentence. Basically having been in Japan for almost two months now I find a lot of things that I would have found hilarious/crazy/scary when I first arrived, I hardly pay attention to now. This makes me sad. The one exception to this is placenta shots. I still find them hilarious, crazy and scary.

My favourite products of the last monthProducts

Clockwise from top (starting with the perfume)

  • Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette: I am not good at describing perfumes. As much as I would like to tell you that Euphoria has a base note of unicorn hair and a the sillage of new born baby I cannot, in good conscience, mislead you like that. Because I care. According to reviews on Make-up alley, this scent is unsophisticated and a bit rubbish really. I love it – perhaps because I am unsophisticated and a bit rubbish really. It is sweet but not sickly, in fact it has a kind of spice to it which makes it a little (and I am loath to use this word to describe perfume) sexy. This eau de toilette doesn’t last too long on my skin though, so I have a little atomiser to top up in the day. It does, however, stay very well when sprayed on clothes.
  • Multi-vitamin Sweets: So these aren’t anything new but I love them. I always forget to take my multi-vitamin (and I’m not getting much vitamin D from anywhere else) and after this post I felt a little guilty. So now, a new era has begun in my general well-being: multi-vitamins hidden in coloured sugar! This multi-vitamin is like when you give medicine to pets and you have to hide it in their food. Except I am the pet. And I know what’s going on. And I like it.
  • Earrings: These earrings are cute. I like to wear them in my ears.
  • Darjeeling Tea: A cup of Darjeeling tea is probably in my top 10 list of Stuff That Is Good. It is expensive in Japan though :( so I now save my tea-drinking for special occasions.
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: This foundation is so awesome that when I realised I hadn’t brought it with me to Japan I actually went out and paid the extortionate price to buy a new bottle. I will try and do a proper review of this soon but basically it is lovely.
  • Kate Gel Eyeliner in BU-1 (that’s blue to us): I read a lot of great reviews about Kate Gel Eyeliners so I decided to get one. I also wanted a navy colour because it is neither black (a little too stark on my pale skin) nor brown (too much red and it makes my eyes look tired). I guess I don’t see anything too special about this eyeliner, but I also don’t think there’s anything bad about it either so I guess that gives it full marks. It stays well and is easy to apply (though perhaps a little sheer at first) .
  • Clinique Different Lipstick in Sweet Honey: This is the perfect MLBB shade. It is a little dull in its neutrality, but it is such an easy shade to wear. Also the formula, while I didn’t like it at first because of its lasting-power, is really creamy and flattering even if your lips aren’t in great condition.
  • Freeplus skincare: Regular readers will know that my skin has been stupidly dry recently. This is not helped by the fact that alcohol is in loads of skincare products including moisturiser. So I tried out some Freeplus (to find out more about the line click here). It is too early for me to write a full review, but after just about two weeks my skin has improved hugely, it is hardly dry at all and very soft. So far so good.
  • Bun-maker thingy: I got this from the 100 yen shop and I love it! I read about it on someone’s blog but I’ve forgotten which one! Anyway here’s how to use it, get one!
  • Compact mirror: I actually got this on holiday in China, usually I lose these things but I’ve managed to hold onto this one for years.
  • Face net: So I’ve read a few posts on using a face net with your face wash recently. I got this one from the 100 yen shop (again!) and it’s great. It really helps me use less of my face wash without compromising its effectiveness. This is useful because my face wash is the one part of my skincare from England that I do not want to change and so I want to make my supply last as long as possible!


So this month I plan to:

  1. Make a comparison page of Japanese Sunscreens I’ve tried (as well as writing a review post). I think a spreadsheet might be useful for comparison purposes, I haven’t quite worked out how I’ll go about this project.
  2. Make a swatch page. When I go into drugstores to swatch I am often so overwhelmed by all the products there are. So I’d like to make a page with pictures of products and then those interested can request swatches of those products.
  3. Update my links to other blogs and to shopping sites which sell Japanese goods.
  4. Write more reviews!