5 Products I Love

Mandom Barrier Repair Masks

These were indispensable when I was in Japan; other sheet masks were nice but their effects were very short-lived. These ones really inject a load of hydration into skin, making them great for instant (and lasting) relief from dehydrated, tired or aggravated skin.

The Barrier Repair range makes amazing products in general, I have been nothing but impressed.

Juju Aquamoist Cleansing Milk

This is my favourite make-up removing cleanser

  • Can be used on the whole face including eyes
  • Removes make-up thoroughly (including heavy eye make-up if you focus on that area, but often I use the Micellar on a cotton pad to save time)
  • Doesn’t leave skin tight after washing
  • Doesn’t leave any residue on skin

La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution

Gets rid of everything on your face, I use it to get all my make-up off before cleansing, or I just use it on its own when I’m feeling lazy.

My friend borrowed some of this once – after using two face wipes already to remove her make-up – and after wiping, the cotton pad came back loaded with make-up; this cleanser is really effective at getting every last scrap of make-up off your face.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder

This is the best setting powder I’ve tried. It mattifies the shine from my sunscreen without highlighting little flaws like hair, tiny lines, or flaky patches. Leaves skin looking like skin.

The price is pretty incredible as well.

Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in M white

I use this as a base to stop any discolouration on my eyelid from showing through, thus enhancing any eyeshadow I use on top. Now and then I use it on its own as a natural highlight (I am pretty pale after all). It doesn’t crease and it gives even coverage, unlike other cream shadows I’ve tried.

Review: Canmake Cream Cheek 01 Peach Dream

Following on from my post of Canmake Cream Cheek swatches, here is my review of Shade 01, Peach Dream.


Canmake Cream Cheek comes in a small, slim and see-through case. The lid and pan are attached by a hinge, but this hinge is a little flimsy (the lid just came off in my hand yesterday, but it was easy to reattach). The case’s size makes it great for carrying around in your bag for any touch-ups in the day.

Canmake Cream Cheek

Here is how Canmake describe the shade:

color image [01] Peach Dream☆

A delicate pink like a fairy.
For an innocent look.

which isn’t very helpful. So here are some comparison swatches with Ben Nye Powder Rouge in Dusty Pink, and Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Antigua.

Product Comparison Antigua Peach Dream Dusty Pink Swatches

While Peach Dream and Dusty Pink look almost identical in the pan, the swatch shows that Peach Dream is a lot more pink than Dusty Pink. It also has blue tones. Antigua also looked similar in the pan but it is much more of a browny peach. Peach Dream is definitely peach (see the full face pictures below) but it leans towards the pink side of the spectrum. It’s a pretty shade, hardly unique but it adds a natural tint of colour to your cheeks.

It also has glitter in it that you can see if you click for a full size version of the swatch. I’m really not a fan of glittery blushes-  I just don’t see how that could ever look natural, but when Peach Dream is applied on my cheeks I can only see the shimmer if I look very closely and turn my head really slowly. (I’m lucky I live alone…). This cannot be said for a few other products from this range: shade number 2 showed up as very glittery in my swatches and I read recently on Lotus Palace that it was too glittery to wear.


I apply this blush with my fingers. It is quite easy to blend, not as easy as the Illamasqua Cream Blushes but it comes close. You don’t have to be too careful when applying this: of course with all blushes you can go overboard, but with Peach Dream you can use a decent amount and still look human.

This is shown in the photo below – I applied a lot to show the true colour of blush. After this photo was taken I patted the blush down with my fingers and now it looks natural. (Excuse the no-makeup face – it’s Sunday!)

Full face closeup

Lasting Power

This blush lasts a really long time when applied on bare skin. A few times I’ve powdered my face beforehand (which I think is a no no with Cream blushes?) and the colour only lasted a few hours. On bare skin, however, it stays on until you wash it off.


Overall I quite like this blush. It lasts a long time and it’s really easy to use. While the glitter only shows up if you look closely in some lights, I’d rather it wasn’t there at all.

So Application gets 19/20 (it’s super easy but not quite Illamasqua standard)

Appearance gets 11/20 (the shade is pretty but it doesn’t have me excited to wear it, and the glitter is unnecessary).

Lasting Power 20/20

Overall: 16/20