Organisation Porn: Hakuhodo Brush Storage



So Xiao recently posted about makeup storage on her blog, and I got the bug. Sadly, my actual makeup storage is a bit up in the air at the moment (still scattered between shoe boxes, makeup bags and my handbag), but I recently got my brush storage sorted out and wanted to share.

Face and Lip Brushes

I used to store all my brushes in a huge brush roll I made, but I found that the bigger brushes (for cheeks and powder) got flattened on one side and basically became misshapen. So I decided to store them upright in some tea jars I had lying around. My main issue with storing brushes upright in jars is that they tend to get dust/fluff/air-stuff on them, and powder applied with a lint-covered brush looks kind of crap. So naturally, because I am super classy, I decided to cover the jars with those free shower caps you get in hotels. While this doesn’t look too pretty it’s great because:

  • It keeps dust off
  • It clings tight to the jar, so it’s not always falling off
  • It balloons out over the top of the jar, so it’s not pressing down against the brushes, just protecting them.


I like to keep as many brushes as possible in their original packaging and plastic tubes – partly because it helps them keep their shape, and partly because I think it may protect them …somehow. I tend to do this with my makeup as well – keeping it in the cardboard boxes it came in.

Eye Brushes

If I had an extra tea caddy, I could easily store my eye brushes in there, but

  1. I don’t and
  2. I like to be able to see them all laid out.

I have many eye brushes that can do the same thing, so it’s nice to be able to see them all at once and maybe pick a brush I haven’t used recently instead of going straight for old favourites. So I chose to put these in a brush roll. With bunnies on it.


The brush roll is sorted with application on the left, then multipurpose, then blenders, then detail, and then liner. Then the random yachiyo because it’s too small to fit in the caddies.


The Mizubake

Storage for the Mizubake perplexed me up until recently, it was too short to go in the tea caddies, too fluffy to go in a brush roll, and the plastic box it came in had been crushed long ago.


I eventually decided on using an empty vitamin pot. I had to put it in the dishwasher and then soak it in Dr. Bronners solution to get rid of that strange vitamin smell, but now it makes a perfect storage container for the Mizubake.

I don’t have to worry about hairs splaying because this vitamin jar is a perfect fit, but if it were too big, I’d put some cotton pads at the bottom to lift the brush so the hairs don’t get caught under the neck of the bottle.

How do you store your makeup brushes? Or, how would you want to store your brushes if you had the time/makeup/energy? Bonus points for links to pictures!

My Top 5 Holiday Makeup Collections: What are yours?

I usually find Holiday Makeup Collections to be very…anti-climactic. I tend to get very excited about holiday releases, only to be let down when I finally see them in person. Every year it seems that most brands are just doing the same thing, and sure, I understand they have to follow trends and go with what sells, but geez do they have to be so predictable the whole time?

I’ve put together 5 Holiday Collections that I think stand out against the winter backdrop of red, gold, and a hell of a lot of glitter.

5. Shu Uemura – Mon Shu

This collection has some really stellar products, just hop over to Drivel about Frivol to see how good they are (here and here). Shu Uemura Mon Shu

This would be higher up in my list if it weren’t for the packaging – I guess it’s just not my thing. I’m still really interested in the Luxe Burgundy Lipstick.

4. Majolica Majorca – Circus Ecstasy

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy Close up

Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy EyelinerI cannot get enough of Majolica Majorca, I think their website is amazing (it’s in Japanese, but you don’t need to know what it’s saying to realise its brilliance), I think their products are good quality, and I like that they tend to just…do their own thing.

The Circus Ecstasy collection is part of a collaboration with lingerie company Amo’s Style, and it features new cheek products, eyeliners, nail polish, hand cream, and the Majoromantica fragrance in a Dream Circus bottle.

I’m particularly interested in the new cheek products, and the rose-coloured eyeliner (which is also for body use).Majolica Majorca Circus Ecstasy Cheek

Here are swatches of the Creams de Cheek (these are from, click on the picture to get to the source):

Majolica Majorca Cheek Swatches

From top to bottom: RD310, RD411, PK312, OR313

Majolica Majorca Cheek Swatches Sheered

From Left to Right: OR313, RD310, RD411, PK312

3. Paul & Joe – Winter Wonderland

…I can’t think of a lot to write about this collection, except for ‘EEEEEEEE UNICORNS!’. On a serious note, the Frozen Lilac blush looks really really nice, on a non-serious note:


Paul and Joe winter wonderland

Paul and Joe Winter Wonderland Products

2. Guerlain – Liu


Guerlain is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, and this year’s Liu collection is drool-worthy. I know I dissed red and gold in my introduction, but I think in Guerlain’s case these shades are executed perfectly. Guerlain Liu

Guerlain TurandotI don’t like to admit that I’m swayed by packaging, but I think the care and detail that Guerlain puts into its makeup packages really elevates the brand from simply ‘good quality’ to ‘luxury’. I think the general consensus with makeup brands is that luxury status is synonymous with expense, but I disagree. I think that feeling of luxury is found in the ‘experience’ of the brand, not the pricing; there are plenty of pricy brands that, in my opinion, don’t have that luxury feel.


LIU palette calligraphie

1. Addiction – Arabian Nights/Moroccan Rose

Ok so I’m kind of cheating with this one. ‘Arabian Nights’ is the name of Addiction’s Winter 2012 collection, Moroccan Rose is the Addiction coffret being sold for Holiday 2012. I’ve combined them both because…I want to.

Addiction Moroccan Rose

Here’s the Holiday coffret – it’s a beautiful and interesting offering from the brand. You can find details here.

Addiction Arabian Nights

Here is the oh-so-beautiful promo pic for the Arabian Nights collection. Xiao has recreated the look here. With this collection, Addiction released a new lip crayon product, and new shades of its famous cheek stick. You can find lovely swatches of the collection here.

Addiction Lip Crayon Rose

So those are my favourites of this year’s holiday offerings, which collections have caught your eye?

Magazine Monday Returns!

My dad gets to go to Japan quite often on business and, after I overcome my jealous rage, I like to ask him to bring me back things. While I’m not going to push my luck and give him an extensive Hakuhodo order, I did ask him to get me a magazine on his recent trip. He got me two because he’s amazing: Maquia and Biteki. I haven’t got around to reading the articles because I’ve been mega busy, so I thought I’d just share some of the pictures today. (Click for bigger versions)

Let’s start with one of my favourites! I’m pretty sure I love this one mostly because of the hair, I wish I could pull it off but when I try a ‘messy updo’ or whatever it’s called I just end up looking like a vagrant.

4 001

This next one is one of the few photos that featured a darker lipstick; it seems like summer is home to pale, barely there lips and the more striking lip colours are saved for winter and autumn. I love how minimal the rest of the face is, it seems that executing a red lip without doing a full face is becoming more popular. And that makes me happy. Because I’m lazy.

1 001

When I first saw this one I was pretty surprised: the defined dark under-eye liner seems to be pretty rare in my experience of Japanese magazines. On second look, I saw the writing underneath describing this as a look typical of foreign celebrities, which kind of explains it. I must say it’s not a look I love – mostly because it doesn’t suit me and I’m biased like that – but I thought it was an interesting addition to the magazine.

2 001

The rest are from an interesting section about ‘lineless make-up’: point make-up that seamlessly blends into the rest of your face. It doesn’t sound that special – I mean, I’m pretty sure most people try to blend – but I think to really get it perfect (especially without using cream products) it requires quite a bit of skill.

Eyes: Use opposing colours to draw attention to eyes when not wearing eyeliner:

5 001

Eyeliner: Use eyeshadow to smudge out a fine line of eyeliner:


Cheeks: Blend a whole lot. Put foundation on top if you have to.


Lips: Use your finger to apply, blending from the centre out, then put some highlighting powder just above your cupid’s bow. (Also have an awesome Michelle-Pfeiffer-as-Selina-Kyle-pre-catwoman-hairstyle. This is very important.)


Right and that’s my intro back into blogging! How have you all been? What make-up are you excited about? Which blog posts have you read/written recently that I should read? I’ve been so busy that I’m completely out of the loop, catch me up on anything you find exciting right now (this includes you, lurking person).

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I find most bits kind of boring because – shock horror – I’ve never been that sporty, but I’ve been obsessed with the diving and gymnastics, those sports are so much fun to watch. Also I think that the cauldron is insanely cool.

Magazine definitely-not Monday! In which we look at polls…

Classic Make-up

I do love a red lip…

Best of Cheek, Base, BB Cream

The best Blush, Base and BB cream. I’m so impressed that Visee (definitely a puchipura brand) is number 4 of the top BB creams! Even L’oreal (a little bit more expensive) made number 3.

PollsThe bits I like most about these pages are the polls to the left. I love reading and watching how other people do their make-up. Does this make me seem like a creeper? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely.

The top ‘Cheek’ poll says:

Q.1 “In one make-up application, how many colours do you use?”

And then the numbers underneath are obviously the numbers of colours. The bottom being “I don’t use [any]”.

Q.2 “What colour is your standard blush?”

Pink 46%, Orange 16.4%, Coral Pink 15.9%, Rose 8.5%, Beige-brown 6.2%, Other 7.0%

Now for the ‘Base’ (primer) poll.

Q.1 “Do you wear Base everyday?”

Q.2 “Are your Base and Foundation the same brand?”

Then the BB cream poll

BB Creams

Q.1 “How often do you use BB cream?”

Every day 20.1%, Just on days off 8.5%, Only when I don’t have time 20.7%, Other 6%, I don’t use BB cream 44.7%

Q.2 “How do you use BB cream?”

With face powder on top 52.5%, With foundation on top 22.0%, On its own [I think] 13.6%, Other 11.9%.

I find it interesting that 22% of BB users put foundation over it, since BB cream’s marketing is usually aimed at the ‘all-in-one’ aspect.

Magazine not-so Monday!

As a treat to myself (I’m that cool), I bought the January issue of Voce – a Japanese beauty magazine. The January issue features the ‘Best of 2011’, so while pretty make-up looks were quite scarce, there was a lot of juicy information.

Click for big versions

Drugstore Skincare ranking

So this the best of ‘プチプラ’ or puchipura.

puchi means ‘petit’ and pura is ‘price’ so basically this is the best of ‘cheap’ skincare (‘cheap’ used quite loosely here, as a lot of it is still kind of expensive to me).

The important parts of this page have useful English headers, and the products’ have English on their packaging as well. If you don’t know what something is, ask me in the comments.

Best DS Make-up

Here’s the best puchipura make up, which personally I find more exciting than skincare.

Most of these also have their names in English, but:

Other pages

I am British and I will be wearing this from now on, I love it

I think the make-up here is super cute, I like the focus on the the lower lash line.

The one accessory I need to complete my coolness

They heat up and massage your feet!

I’ll try to do the non-puchipura ranking pages next week!