About me!

About the Blog

Glossed in Translation is a beauty blog with a focus on Japanese cosmetics, skincare, and beauty aesthetics. Now and then you’ll see some posts on non-Japanese products – limiting my love for cosmetics to one country would be depressing, I think.

I started Glossed in Translation about a month before I left to live in Japan for a year. The blog went on hiatus for a few months – I guess the thrill of living in Japan took over, sorry guys – but now it’s back and, I believe, it’s much better than it was.

Blog Content

You may have noticed that most of the reviews on the blog are very positive; that’s not because I’m being paid obscene amounts to promote things (I’m not), but merely because I don’t get inspired by products that are mediocre.

I like to think the photography on the blog has improved, but you may have noticed I still have issues with taking photos of make-up that’s actually been applied (ie. as opposed to product shots). I have yet to find the best way to photograph make-up on my face while preserving its depth and shade, so if you have any pointers, please feel free to let me know. I often include photographs of my entire face – not to showcase my make-up skills (what skills?), but to give readers an idea of how a product works in context. As a blog-reader I appreciate any swatches I can find, but I find the most useful ones are those that show the full face as opposed to disembodied lips or eyes…

About Me

I’ve just graduated from studying Japanese at university. My make-up technique is pretty much non-existent (I need to work on that), but I like to think that my knowledge of make-up is quite solid. I tend to research everything thoroughly and as a result, I hardly ever buy a product unless I know all there is to know about it. I hope this makes my reviews thorough, but if I have missed something in a review then please let me know. I always want to improve.

My Favourite Brands

It’s difficult to decide on a favourite brand because, like most people, I go through phases. Shu Uemura has consistently been one of my favourites, and for the past year I have been smitten with Hakuhodo brushes. I discovered Visee and Sonia Rykiel last year (2011) as well, and I think they will stand the test of time and remain two of my favourites for years to come.

Skin Profile

My skin is very pale, on the MAC scale I suppose it would be around NW5 or 10. I haven’t found an exact foundation match yet, but I have found many shades that I can wear without looking too ‘off’. (Shu Uemura 584, 375; Bobbi Brown Alabaster; MUFE Mat Velvet 15).

I used to have very reactive skin (and now and then I still get inexplicable rashes etc.) but since switching to products that aren’t bogged down in thousands of ingredients (but that are still effective), it is not as nearly as troublesome as it was. It is still very sensitive physically, to manual exfoliation, for example. Recently, due to my skin care approach, my skin has become ‘normal’ (but still a tiny bit blemish-prone). Left to its own devices it is extremely dehydrated – so much so it hurts – but also oily around my nose.

As for the rest of me, I have red hair, green/blue eyes, and severely unpigmented lips (we’re talking skin-colour here) that pull out the blue in any lipstick.


Like I said above, I always want to improve. If you have any remarks, constructive criticism, or suggestions about the blog, then I would love to hear from you.

For comments and press enquiries please email me at:

6 comments on “About me!

  1. Hey! I wanted to make sure you got a reply from your comment on my post about the nail polish remover. It should be fairly easy to make one if you’re crafty at all. Get a screw top tub at a dollar store, a thick sponge (or layer one sponge on top of the other) also from a dollar store. Cut the sponge to fit and have the cross in the middle and shove it in the tub then dump nail polish remover in it. It shouldn’t be too hard or expensive. If you do decide to do this let me know (and take pictures!) I’d love to know how it goes. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I just randomly stumbled across your blog (glad I did as well). I’ve got a question for you actually, if you have time to email me back. :)

  3. Hello, I would like to as you if you know where could I buy Lavshuca lipsticks online. A friend of mine from Taiwan always brings me these great Japanese lipsticks. I LOVE them. I always like the colors she gets me because they are not too bright. I was wondering if there is an online place where I can buy more! Thank you for you blog, it was fun reading it.
    Jessica (drosjessie@hotmail.com).

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I was browsing around for a Kate makeup reviews online when I stumbled on your blog. Great to see so many useful reviews here! I’m also a gaijin staying in Japan for a year, and I literally couldn’t be trusted with my wallet whenever I enter a drugstore! I’d end up spending all my money on makeup! :)

    A bit of question, do you have any drugstore foundation that you recommend? I’m looking for something that’s very natural, doesn’t sit on the skin looking very obvious..

    thank you! :)

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