Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick – RD-2

Lavshuca is a mid-priced, widely-available Japanese drugstore brand.
These Lipsticks retail for 1575 yen (£13.01/$20.20).


This lipstick has been my go-to this winter. It’s a sheer easy-to-wear red that I’m sure could be a MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade for some.

The Formula


I love Lavshuca lipsticks, and the Dramatic Memory Rouge is my favourite formula of them all. It is:

  • not sticky
  • medium-long lasting(2ish hours of fresh colour, then 2 hours of stain before it fades)
  • versatile: it’s quite pigmented on first swipe and it applies like a colour tint on the lips. From then on you can just keep on layering it until you get the right coverage – it doesn’t get gunky or sloppy with more layers.
  • flattering: none of this settling into lines business, and it doesn’t highlight dry skin areas either.
  • easy to apply: I only realised the importance of this factor (or that it even was a factor) when I tried a bad lipstick formula. This lipstick covers smoothly, and doesn’t cling to random areas.

IMG_6026When you apply it, there’s a satisfying amount of tug that reminds you that, while it may be a glossy lipstick that feels like a balm when it’s on, it’s going to last while.

Here’s a handy graph that shows the Lavshuca lipstick collection arranged by finish and pigmentation. The horizontal axis has ‘Matte’ on the far left, and ‘Shine’ on the far right. The vertical axis has ‘Pigmented’ at the top and ‘Sheer’ at the bottom. The Dramatic Memory Rouge is up at the top to the right.



(apologies for the goosebumps, I was holding my arm up to the window to get the best light!)



(With Lipstick Queen Medieval on the right)

This is my lip shade of the season (until I find a berry that doesn’t pull plum); I’ve been wearing it with a berry blusher. (Click on the pics for big)


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8 comments on “Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Lipstick – RD-2

  1. Oh, I have this in PK-1 (not my favourite) and RS-1.
    From the Lavshuca’s lippies I have, there are others I like more, though. The Moist Melting Rouge in RD-4 and the Star Glow Rouge in RS-2 I just got. <3
    But funny, I've been contemplating to get this colour.

    • I think I have those exact same colours! PK-1 is also not my favourite, but I do like RS-1 a lot. I do like the Moist Melting Rouges; they’re so pigmented even though they feel like a balm, but I do find they fade pretty quickly and I’m usually too lazy to remember to touch up. The Dramatic Memory Rouges are a little more ‘swipe and go’, which is more my style :p. I’ve never tried the Star Glows, what are they like?

      • The Star Glow Rouge are very pretty. They do have glitter (at least three of the four shades I own, and the one which doesn’t is a limites shade), but I don’t mind it very much.
        Maybe RS-2 is a shade for you?

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I’m always on the lookout for lip products! Do you find the SGRs gritty at all? I don’t mind the look of glitter, but I really dislike feeling that grittiness you get with some glittery lipsticks.
        I was just reading your list of random facts about yourself; I love Banana Yoshimoto’s books as well!

  2. I’ve been thinking about how natural lip tones can pull pigments into different undertones. Mine aren’t very pigmented, unless I slap myself in the mouth, but it’s kind peachy in tone… so I pull lipsticks in the opposite direction from you, yellow/orange rather than fuschia/blue. When I wear cool lipsticks, they neutralize; on you, I expect they’re purple.

    You are too pretty to be real. : )

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