Hakuhodo Tapered Eyeshadow Brushes Picture Post

Another picture post, this time of tapered eyeshadow brushes: the G5515bksl, G5520bksl, S146, B533bksl, S142, and the G5522bksl.

I’ve included a pin and a pencil for size reference.

Group Shot


G5515bksl, G5520bksl, S146, B533bksl, S142, G5522bksl

This post is long so if you don’t want to scroll through it all, you can click on the links above to take you to the pictures straight away.


For a comparison of the B533bksl to the Kokutan Eyeshadow T brush scroll down or click here

The G5515bksl($14) – horse


The G5520bksl ($20) – blue squirrel & horse


The S146 ($26) – blue squirrel


The B533bksl ($18) – horse



B533bksl vs. Kokutan eyeshadow T


S142 ($27) – blue squirrel


The G5522bksl ($27) – blue squirrel & goat/sokoho


4 comments on “Hakuhodo Tapered Eyeshadow Brushes Picture Post

  1. Another great post! I hope everyone can get the brushes they want before the price increase!

    Are you planning to get anymore before 2012?

    • I’ve got a few more since my original collection pics, and I’ve ordered the G5519BkSl (eek!) as well. Apart from that I’m done for now, but I’m saving up my money for my trip to Japan in the spring!

  2. Your blog is my go-to for Haku brushes. I’m fairly new to them and I’d love to know which brushes are your favorites and what you use them for. Maybe a post on which ones you would recommend for first time buyers? Your posts are so helpful, please keep them coming! :)

    • Thank you. That’s great to hear!
      I’m actually planning a favourites post (I just have to wait for them to dry so I can photograph them) and a buying guide as well. Hopefully they’ll be up by the end of this week – but don’t hold me to it, it depends on if I get good light to take photos!

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