Hakuhodo S111 (with a comparison to the S110) Picture Post

Due to the recent announcement of a Hakuhodo price increase (starting 1st of January), I thought I’d post a little flurry of Hakuhodo-related posts for those trying to get their orders in. Because time is of the essence (a lot of brushes have sold out already from the USA site), I’ll be posting picture posts first – it takes me a long a time to write posts, not such a long time to take pictures – and then I’ll post complete posts (with written descriptions and comparison tissue swatch thingies) when I can.

S111 ($69)

Front ViewP1010902Side View (had to stop it from rolling with a Shu palette)P1010905P1010903P1010904

I’ve already reviewed the S110, and some have asked if the S111 is similar. It’s not. The S110 is much fluffier than the S111, which is more flat and paddle-like.P1010909


While the S111 is made from Blue squirrel hair, it is still just as stiff as the S110 because the hair is so densely packed together.

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