Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadow

Sonia Rykiel is a department store brand available nationwide in Japan. It also has a few counters in hong kong, singapore, and taiwan.
these eyeshadows retail for 2625 yen (£21.76/$34.09) in japan, but i’ve heard they are much cheaper elsewhere.

P1000907My earlier post didn’t really convey how much I love the Sonia Rykiel brand, so I’ll clarify: I think the products are high quality, original, and they perform excellently. The Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadows are no exception.

For swatches of the range, click here.


I own 08 (a silvered khaki, now discontinued), and 04 (bronze purple).

P1000909The only issue I have with these eyeshadows is how messy they are. I tried my best to clean them up for these photos but, as you can see, I gave up. The shadows are gooey – eventually they do take the shape of their jar, but they stay in their original position for a while beforehand.

Luckily, (here’s another reason I love Sonia Rykiel) they come with a handy inner lid to seal them in so that:

  • Air doesn’t get in and dry out the formula, and…
  • When you open them up you’re not met with a huge mess gathered in the lid, it’s all contained within the jar.

P1000919The lid is also really helpful for applying these shadows: because of their texture, if you dip your brush directly into the pot, the formula will rise up with the brush – a bit like pizza cheese – so you end up picking up way too much. The underside of the lid however, is covered with an even coating of the mousse, so you can just pat your brush on the lid to get the right amount.

So now that the messiness is out of the way, what is that makes me love these eyeshadows?

  • Effect – once the eyeshadow is applied, it dries to a powder finish but it stays looking as complex as a cream. It retains the kind of ‘molten’ look that is typical of foiled eyeshadow.


  • Lasting Power – this is the first non-powder eyeshadow I’ve tried that is so liquidy, and I expected it to move around quite a lot: it didn’t seem sticky enough to gain a hold of the eyelid. However, perhaps due to its powder finish, it actually wears like iron even without a primer. Because I haven’t been wearing a lot of make-up recently, I tend to absent-mindedly touch or rub my eyes. I did this three or four times while wearing the Mousse Eyeshadow and, while a little bit of sparkle showed up on my finger, the eyeshadow itself still looked vibrant and un-scathed.


  • Pigmentation – when I over-apply, it can get a little bit crepey, but not as much as other cream shadows (like MUFE Aqua Creams). Luckily, I don’t need to pile on a lot because the eyeshadow is opaque on first swipe. It can be sheered out (until it is eventually reduced to glitter), but I like it at full-strength.



I am completely enamoured with 04 (on the right): it has just the right amount of drama without overpowering my eyes, and the bronze in it makes it a very versatile and wearable purple.

It’s sad that the other darker shades have been discontinued: I think the intensity of these mousses is showcased best with dark colours; the lighter shades seem to be predominantly sparkle.

The Bottom Line

Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadows are an original formula that won’t disappoint. I have nothing like them in my collection. The limited colour range is disappointing though.


04 on eyes

Excuse the somewhat strange expression, would you believe this was the best photo out of about 30?!

4 comments on “Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadow

  1. Worth the wait! Thank you for the thorough review and a pizza-related simile to take away.
    Although I’m enraged at the discontinuation of both your shades. I must pick up the purple before it goes…

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