Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme 019 Eyeshadow Palette

Cosme Decorte is a Japanese high-end brand owned by Kosé.
This palette retails for 6825 Yen (£56.16/$88.72).


I love the packaging of Cosme Decorte’s AQ (Absolute Quality) Line; the description of the line – ‘to the level of art’ – is rather apt, I think. Sure, it’s not new to have pretty packaging – and Japan is home to some of the prettiest you’ll find – but for some reason the graphic elegance of this line particularly appeals to me.

Sadly I’ve have had to accept that, while the art deco packaging is divine, the eyeshadows themselves are not.


I was taken in by the purples straight away, especially the darkest (bottom left) shade: it’s less red than most other purples I’ve seen, and there is a grey tint to that makes it slightly smoky.  P1000989

However in terms of workability, these eyeshadows are really disappointing.

Their texture lacks the powdery creaminess I expect in high quality eyeshadows, and instead the shadows are hard and resistant to all but the most forceful of swipes. Pigment just doesn’t transfer easily from pan to brush. And when you do manage to get enough on your brush/finger, it stubbornly stays there as you try to apply it on your eyelid. As a result even the darkest shade, when it finally settles on the lid, is reduced to a disappointingly insipid, milky purple.

Natural Light




The swatches show that, in the palette’s defence, you can build up colours gradually to get the pigment that you want.


  • It took a lot of building-up to get to that level. Not just a few brush swipes in the palette and then on the arm, but a dig into the palette with a brush (I resorted to the sponge tip because I didn’t want to hurt my proper brushes), and a scrape across the arm. Repeat x 7 (ish).
  • I expect more from such an expensive palette: I’m willing to put some elbow grease in for the sake of a beautiful eyeshadow colour, but I don’t expect to when the palette cost me £56. I’ve found better eyeshadows for a little less than that (Suqqu), and better eyeshadows for a lot less than that (Visee), so I don’t think my expectations are too high.

The Bottom Line:

The palette itself is gorgeous – I want to pry off the lid and stick it on my wall, but the eyeshadows are a big let down in terms of texture and colour pay-off. If you’re willing to work for results, then by all means buy it; you can create some pretty looks with the shades if you have the drive.

2 comments on “Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme 019 Eyeshadow Palette

  1. The palette lid is absolutely to-die-for but what terrible quality! Maybe they made it for Japanese women….I notice that the average woman here prefers very very light eyeshadow looks….Not much smokey eye to be seen on the streets here unless you’re super young or rocking it…

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